Donations & Their use

Monthly Expenses
Upon reception of your donation, it will be applied to our monthly expenses. Reality’s operation comes at a high cost. By donating, you are helping ensure that we are able to provide continuous high quality service to all of our current and future community members.

Cash Reserve
Once we have received the funds necessary to pay for a month of operation, we will apply all extra money to future payments. By placing our money in a cash reserve, we are able to pay for future operation costs and ensure that we can provide high quality service to all of our current and future community members.

Community Expansion
If and when it is seen fit, we can and will expand our community. Expansion of any kind usually results in added monthly expenses. All extra donations that we receive will help us in securing the funds necessary for future and successful community expansions.


In order to encourage community growth and reward those who work to expand our community, we will offer referral rewards. A referral counts as any act of one player inviting another to the community. In order to receive a referral reward, the person whom you referred must donate to the server. During the donation process, there will be a question asking for the name of the person who referred you. If you were referred to our community and provide the name of a valid referrer, you will receive 7 extra days of your chosen donator tier. Your referrer will also receive a free month of the donator tier below you (i.e. You donate for Silver Tier, your referrer receives Bronze Tier). In this way, you are rewarded for donating and taking the time to commend your referrer, and your referrer is rewarded for bringing you into our community.