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Rust Vanilla Server now online!
[Image: RustLogo-Normal-Transparent.png]

Because of some issues we were facing in other servers (bad admins, players hacking (and admins not dealing with them), ...) we decided to throw our own server online for players.

What's different?
Active admins, no wipes (unless necessary) and constant server moderation. If a player has a problem, or spots a hacker, we can take care of it quickly unlike other servers. Sometimes the admins might do events within the server for prizes which can help new players who've just started. We're still working on what we're doing to do differently compared to other servers.

Modded server?
Deven's currently working on the Modded server and that should be online sometime this week (if he gets time). We'll announce it when it's online and available.

Any settings changed?
Nope. All vanilla and will remain that way. We want players to enjoy what Rust really is and not to use mods (hence why we're putting up a modded server).

How to connect?
Two ways:
  • F1 -> client.connect
  • Servers -> Community -> "Reality" in the filter.

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