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Kruzers Coast Guard Application
What is your TS name?: Kruzer

What is your in-game name?: Kruzer

What is your GUID?: 76561198135172665

Are you a member of the APD on the AL server?: Not yet but i plan to be soon.

What rank do you currently hold?:N/A

How long have you played on the Reality Altis Life Server?: I have been playing with reality since before it started.

Why have you decided to apply for the USCG?:I have decided to apply to the USCG because i want to change the community within altis by helping in S.A.R. and amphibious operations. I also want to be a part of the good side of the law. I lastly just want to stop the slaughter of the poor innocent turtles, like seriously.

Rate your RP abilities on a scale of 1-10: 8.5 10 being best.

Describe your RP experience/abilities: Well I have roleplayed on altis life servers and several real life events including acting. I try to roleplay even on non rp servers. I have been told i am pretty good at roleplay.

What makes you stand out from the other applicants?: I have Been part of law enforcement on several other servers including epix and ghost gaming community. I have achieved the rank of sergeant on epix and captain on ggc.

List your strengths and weaknesses and briefly describe each.: (3-Strengths and 3-Weaknesses MINIMUM) My strengths are probably my roleplay abilitie, my commitment, and my sheer "skill" in arma 3. My weakneses i think are poor money managing, the fact that i will go along with almost any rp situation, and i hesitate when playing shooters.

I hope you consider my application generously and accept me. Thanks!
I Know Where You Live -Kruzer Phillips/President of the underworld
Based on the little information provided and what appears to be a lack of effort, this application has been denied. Also you need to pay attention to the questions and what they entail.
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