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Official Teamspeak Rules
General Teamspeak Rules:
- Be respectful to all players at all times. This includes insulting, harassing, angering, Etc. any and all players.
- Threats are not allowed. Whether you are joking or not, they will not be tolerated.
- Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Etc. is not allowed. One word slipping out is one thing, a sentence composed of these words is another.
- Spamming, Trolling, Etc. is not allowed
- Transfer or display of nude or pornographic material of any kind is not allowed.
- Illegal activity of any kind is not allowed.

Public Rooms Rules:
- Bots are not allowed.
- Enter respectfully. Do not enter talking. Make sure you are not interrupting.
- Anyone is allowed to enter any public room without question.
- Voice modifiers, Sound Boards and Music are not allowed.

Private Rooms Rules:
- Voice modifiers, Sound Boards, and Music are allowed.
- Bots are allowed.
- You must respect the owner of the private room at all times. If he tells you to leave, that means leave.

Personal Responsibilities:
- You must maintain the name you have registered with on the forums at all times.
- If you feel a rule is being broken, it is your responsibility to decide whether to report it, or risk being punished for involvement.
- All users, no matter your position in Reality, are expected to follow these rules at all times.

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